Friday, June 5, 2009

"Times They Are A Changing"

Hello Blog Followers!

So as some of you know Randy & I have just recently made a move from Mooseheart, IL to St. Louis, MO. So with the move we feel it's only fitting to start a new blog page. This will keep you all up on our work in Urban Ministry here in St. Louis, MO with World Impact. I may keep this blog going for personal updates with the baby and such but if you would like to follow our ministry work please do so at

Again we can't thank you enough for your support, love, prayer and interest in our past year of ministry and hope that as you view our new blog you will have a better understanding of what God is doing in our life. We praise the Lord for each and everyone of you and look forward to continuing this relationships with you all from a distance. Oh and we LOVE visitors if any of you want to make a trip to St. Louis! *wink*wink*


Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Time Is Near

I'm sitting here in the living room with our girls realizing we only have tomorrow left with them. This is a very bittersweet time for Randy & I. Although we are certain of being in the presence of God's Will for our lives with our move to St. Louis, we are also sad to be leaving these girls that the Lord has brought us to minister to for the past year.
Relationships have developed, love has been fostered, learning has taken place and the Lord has been ever present. We thank you all for keeping up on us this past year and lifting us up in prayer. There have been some difficult moments and moments of pure joy and laughter. We wouldn't trade this past year for anything. We have grown to love these girls with the Lords love and look forward to developing new relationships with them outside of being their Family Teachers.
We have been blessed to participate in some fun experiences in the past couple weeks such as graduation and Memorial Day. Here are some pictures of our time.

-2009 Mooseheart Graduation-

Our 2009 Graduate, Addy

-Memorial Day Weekend with Oregon Girls-

Monday, May 11, 2009

May Happenings

It's amazing how May has proved itself to be even more busy then March. We have prom, track coming to an end, graduation coming up in less then two weeks and only 8 weeks till baby girl Riggs due date! The weather has been beautiful, trees are producing leafs, weeds are being pulled, flowers are in bloom, people are outside enjoying the longer days and windows are being left open to enjoy the Spring air. Well, I just thought I would post a few pictures of our Jr. & Sr. girls from this years prom. They all looked beautiful and had a wonderful time.
Junior-Senior Prom '09

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Need a Hobby?

So I would say about 5 months ago I found myself in desperate need of a hobby. One that didn't cost a fortune, didn't take up a lot of space and that I could enjoy any time of the year. I chose crocheting. I know that makes me sound like I'm a boring 70 year old woman but I wanted to give it a try. I was fortunate enough to have had Sarah Nelson, a friend back home, stop in to visit us the same day I decided to pick up this new hobby and she was able to show me a simple crochet stitch.

I took this project out to the girls to show them what I decided to take up and much to my surprise about 3-4 of our girls said, "I know how to crochet, I want to join!" So for the past 3 months it's become a house activity. I love it because not only does it bring us all together but it's something we can do while holding great conversation. It was a great distraction from turning on the TV. Although many have gotten bored with my new found hobby I'm still truckin' away and get so excited for each new project. Here are a few pictures of what I've been able to accomplish.

Baby Blanket #1 for my cousins little girl, Ava Cook.

Lap Blanket for my Granny

Cuddle Blanket for my niece, Mary Jane

Baby Blanket #3 for my niece, Ella Nevins

Scarf for Randy

Monday, April 20, 2009

The BIG 2-7!


26 years ago... man life was good!

Yes, it's true. I turned 27 last week. I can't believe I've officially crossed over to being in my late 20's. Randy, my co-worker and the girls surprised me with a cinnamon roll breakfast and Birthday balloon which was awfully sweet. That night I made myself and the girls Funfetti Brownies... they are now my absolute favorite brownies EVER!
I was reminded by the girls that I had an "odd Birthday". I guess they think if I don't get the day off of work and go "party" my Birthday is offically lame. Can't say I didn't think the same thing when I was their age.

So for the past couple weeks Randy has been leaving me little notes to celebrate my Birthday. Such as, "Your Birthday is in 13 days and your Birthday suprise is in 15 days. I bet you wish you knew what it was, right? Just make sure you pack an over night bag". So needless to say my mind has been wondering for the past couple weeks, "What could Randy be planning?"

Well Randy had planned for a two day get away to Starved Rock State Park Lodge.

So we arrived around lunch time and enjoyed a nice lunch in the resturant at the lodge. Took a nice hour walk around the state park grounds and then Randy had scheduled a prenatal message for me that afternoon. I had the most amazing hour and a half prenatal massage that was heaven sent! I only wish Randy could have experienced it with me. After a nice relaxing massage we went for a dip in the pool and ended the night with a nice dinner.

The next day we ventured out for a 2 hour hike which ended up kicking my butt the next day. I never understood what pregnant woman were saying when they talked about being short of breath and exhausted after a walk at the mall. Well, NOW i get it. I was pooped by the end of the day, but it was so worth it to be in the beautiful 70 degree weather enjoying the outdoors with my husband.

Here are some pictures from my Birthday get away. Thank you again babe for taking time to think of me and create a wonderful 27th Birthday for me. I love you!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness

Oregon Home Girls, Military Ball 2009

Well, March has proved itself to be a busy time here at Moosehart. The Senior activities on campus have started up, our girls just had Military Ball last weekend, girls track starts today which Randy is coaching, Spring Break picks up next week, Prom is a month away and graduation will be here before we know it in May. We are so happy the Lord appears to be blessing us with Spring weather. This time last year Randy & I were being chased out of Mooseheart by a snow storm, so needless to say we are so happy Spring is here. Bellow are some pictures of our girls from Military Ball last weekend. This Ball counts towards their grade in JROTC. We were honored to see one of our freshman crowned Barroness for her effort displayed this year in the JROTC program.

-This is one of our freshman and her younger brother who also lives on campus-

-These two are two of our higher achieving girls in the home, sophmore & junior-

-This is one of our freshman and her date-

-This is our one senior and her Military date-

As some of you know we have been taking our girls off campus for Church once a month to Trinity Church in Naperville. Randy & I have been blessed to become friends with Trinity's Youth Pastor and his wife, Matt & Cara. They are also expecting, due a couple months after us with their third child. This Church has taken great interest in not only our Oregon Home girls but of all youth here at Mooseheart. Matt & his wife Cara are the one's who put together a New Year's Eve party here on campus with our kids and their youth group kids.

They have just recently announced to us that along with the help of another carring memeber in their church, Sally Trinity's youth group girls have raised money to take our girls rock climbing at an indoor facility this weekend. We are so excited as well as our girls. We praise the Lord for this outside interest, care, love and support for our ministry here at Mooseheart. If you would pray with Randy & I that this activity allows for an oppurtnity for our girls to connect with these youth group girls.

We also have a spiritual update on our girls to share with you all and ask prayer for. After visiting Trinity Church this past Sunday and witnessing a baptism a couple of our girls voiced interest in being baptised. As you can imagine this excited Randy & I as we see a clear opening to see where these girls are exactly, in a spiritual sense. Pray that these two girls will continue to open up to us and learn more about the Lords love and grace through us and Trinity Church.

Blessings from the Riggs + baby

Friday, February 27, 2009

22 Weeks

We Continue To Grow

So I'm 22 weeks now (19 weeks in this photo) and I wonder where all the time has gone. Last week, Thursday I was scheduled for my 21 week ultrasound. We couldn't have been more excited, this is the ultrasound that allows us to see what gender our baby bean is! Well, here we are at 22 weeks and we still don't know what we're having. After a wonderful 20 minute ultrasound the babies legs weren't spread apart enough to give our Doctor the confidence to say whether we were having a boy or girl.

Due to the lack of seeing boy parts she's going with a guess that it's a girl at this point. As she said," If I were to guess I would say with only 70% accuracy it's a girl. So if you buy girl clothes don't take the tags off!" So at this rate I can't say we're too settled saying it's a girl. Thankfully we have another ultrasound scheduled in about 9 weeks. We pray little baby bean will be more cooperative then.

Even though we didn't find out with certainty what we're having it was so very fun to watch our little one moving around. We could see baby trying to suck it's fingers, we watched it opening and closing it's mouth, saw how it's little face has developed since our 10 week ultrasound. I must say it brought me to tears to see how much our little one is growing.

I felt the baby move for the first time at 17 weeks. It felt like little bubbles popping inside my belly. It was very settle but I loved it. Now I feel it every day and Randy can actually feel the baby move! That was great, I love that Randy can now be more a part of this experience.

Baby 70%